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 [ Male | Age 18 | 5'11" | Bear ] 
The token fat A-hole character. Once a linebacker for the high school football team, he now spends after-school drumming in a band with Remy and Riana. He'll typically distrupt practice by showing off a gargantuan booger he picked out, passing around a magazine article listing the top ten best sex positions for the elderly, and bullying dweeb rabbit.

 [ Female | Age 17 | 5'5" | Skunk ] 
Dethrow girls have a reputation for being indistinguishable from bacteria. Ginger is no exception, but thanks to a Mormon family upbringing, she's not completely unstable. She works at an old fashioned vinyl record shop on the brink of death and babysits her crappy boyfriend Zack on the side. She also has ivy league aspirations and wants to go to Cornell.

 [ Female | Age 25 | 6'2" | Rabbit ] 
A retired camwhore who made a fortune flaunting every inch of her athletic and heart-melting body back in the mid-2000s. Now she just wants to live life on easy street and fully-clothed but a horny bunny boy down the street is making it a challenge for her.

 [ Male | Age 17 | 5'4" | Rabbit ] 
Short in size and built like a marshmallow, this bun is no stranger to getting hit hard in life. To unleash the rage (and sexual frustration), he sings in a dysfunctional punk rock band with his award-winning friends Zack and Riana. Remy only wants one thing, besides face-digging into a woman's armpit, and that's respect. 

 [ Male | Age 20 | 6'0" | Mantis ] 
His gym teacher once told him a cardboard box will be his future residence. In response, Anton opened up a fake Facebook account under the teacher's name and offered all the girls in his class grade bumps for dry-humps. Ladies and gentlemen, Dethrow's Most Wanted.

 [ Female | Age 19 | 6'0" | Wolf ] 
After breaking out of a cruddy relationship, Riana's life has become the tits. She's a bitchin' vert skater, mind-blowing at playing the guitar, a master at delivering old school beatdowns to anyone dumb enough to play with her, and she's also kinda hot. It's just too bad literally none of those badges can save her from the great meat mountain of embarassing moments she has to put up with constantly.

 7-8. RAT & TANK 
 [ Male/Male | Age 17/18 | 5'7"/6'2" | Cat/Cat ] 
A couple of sweet little angel boys who are just the best of friends! They love having sleepovers, drinking sody pop, adhering to a drug and violence-free lifestyle, and being all around functioning members of society.