I Hate Harmony Korine 11

3rd June 2019

I Hate Harmony Korine 11


[Pg. 11] Garage Band #2 - "I Hate Harmony Korine"

Art by Celia Tian
Written by JasonD

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3rd June 2019

Danny McLimmon

I've been meaning to there a way to subscribe to this comic? There doesn't seem to be a subscription button anywhere.

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3rd June 2019


CF subscribers don't matter a lot to me which is why I removed the button but if you want to sub, here ya go!

There's a subscribe button available on Comic Profiles.

Thanks for reading, Danny!

4th June 2019


Wait... "another comic book store one page away from a Chapter 7 filing" ? Did I miss something ?

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5th June 2019


In page 2, we learn Zack once crashed into a comic book store and got punished for it. Here, he refers back to the incident but also tries to defend himself by implying the comic shop was gonna die anyway whether he crashed into it or not.

Also the whole "crashing inside Atomic Comics" is a Arizona thing. Hope that made sense.

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